Frequently Asked Questions

I Am Having Problems With The Shopping Cart Accepting My Credit Card

The #1 cause of rejected orders is an incorrect billing address. Make sure the billing address you entered is the same one your billing statement is sent to. You may be confident that your order should be going through the system and it still isn't. If this is the situation you're in, follow this checklist:
  1. I know you just did this, but you should probably check it again! Look up the billing address on the card you're using and copy it directly into the billing address entry on your order form.
  2. You may have moved within the last six months. If you did, that's okay! It may solve your problem, because your last billing address may still be in your card issuer's database! Try that old address!
  3. Nothing working yet? Maybe it's time to use another card, if you have one available.
  4. We are here to help! United States residents can contact us Toll Free at 1-888-687-4478. We are available to help you between the hours of 9am and 6pm Central.

I love your website and I love your shirts! I want to buy some so bad, but the only way I could pay would be with a money order. Is that something you can do?

We would love to take your order and process it through the mail! All you have to do is follow these directions, 1-2-3!
  1. It's time to go shopping! Pick out everything you want to buy and determine the sizes and colors for those chosen items. We'll need you to send us an email with all of that information, a message about why you want to order through the mail, and your shipping address. You can email us by going to THIS LINK.
  2. Once we get your email with your information, we'll email you right back! Ours will be an invoice that includes your total cost after compiling shirt and shipping fees. It will also include our address to ship your payment to.
  3. You'll need to print a copy of the invoice we send you. Include this copy in an envelope with the money order for payment and ship them both to the address we provided. We'll ship your order when your payment is received!

Do you have a Privacy Policy?

Our only priority is making your shirts that you ordered and sending them to you as fast as possible. Your information is not used again after that transaction is complete, and you will never catch us selling your info to other companies. We...HATE...spammers.

Can I please have my shirts printed on the backs?

You may have any of our shirt designs placed on the back of the shirts at no additional cost to you. The only additional steps you'll have to take when ordering is to type into the comment section of your order form that you would like the shirts printed on the backs.

Restock Charges May Apply

Sometimes, people return shirts merely because they change their mind and do not want them any longer. Sometimes, shirts are returned and are perfectly well made. If you return your shirts to us for a refund, and there is nothing wrong with the manufacture of those shirts, then you will have to pay a restock charge. Shipment charges are never applicable for a refund.
Order TotalRestocking Fee
$1 - $1000%
$101 - $49920%
$500 - $99930%

Every Time I Make A Selection To Buy, It Refuses To Show Up In The Shopping Cart! Help!

No matter where you buy things on the Internet, you're going to have to sanction cookies for the shopping cart to register your purchases. In your privacy settings, your cookies are most likely disengaged in your Internet Browser settings. This will be a problem if you want to buy things on the Internet. All you have to do is go into the options section of your browser and instruct it to allow cookies (instructions), or you can note your purchases and call us to place your order via phone. 9am to 6pm CST 1-888-687-4478.

Is the information I send you is kept with the highest security, ESPECIALLY my credit card number?

Your security is very important to us as well, so we offer secure and safe shipping to all of our customers. When you click the "add to cart" button, you are immediately taken to a secure server where our shopping cart transactions are completed. You may then continue shopping and leave the secured server, or proceed to checkout within the safety of that secure server. If you are STILL having doubts about ordering from us using our 100% Secure Shipping Cart software, then please call us and place your order with us live, toll free, at 1-888-687-4478. Toll free for our customers who are residential to the U.S.A. For everyone else who wants to call us living outside of the United States, please call using the number 1-731-588-5690.

Why shouldn't I just go buy a cheaper shirt from BRAND X? / Are these shirts worth the money or will they just wear out on me?

These shirts are of the best quality available! We hunted around for the best shirt supplier we found, and we stand behind the excellent quality of these 100% cotton, preshrunk shirts!

How long does it take for you to actually put my package in the mail?

There are lots of companies out there that will wait upwards of two weeks before they process your order and ship it, but that's not how we do things around here. We always ship within 24 hours of getting a customer's order. We are in our shop, making high quality shirts, and shipping them fast every day of the business week at 7 in the morning till 3 in the afternoon. We are off duty on all Post Office recognized holidays and every weekend. When we get your order, it is placed within our system immediately. On the day after it enters our system, it ships. Once it's in the hands of the postal carrier, you'll get it quite quickly. If your order is placed on a Saturday, Sunday, or Holiday then it will be processed the very next day and shipped out of our doors the day after that. When you order shirts, you can place a pretty solid bet that we're going to have everything we need to make your shirt and ship it out to your specifications. There are some scattered instances when something is not ready in our inventory and we must resupply ourselves. We do our very best to make sure everything is fully stocked, but if it isn't we will resupply right away. This may take up to two days, but we will send your order to you as soon as we have our stock in hand. Trust me, even if there is a supply issue we still have some of the fastest shipping this side of

Everyone wants their packages shipped quick, and we're sure to oblige. Some people need their shirts even quicker, though. That's why there are three different shipping types, one of which is sure to satisfy your specific needs.

In our effort to provide the most options available to our customers, people who live within the Continental United States of America have three separate speeds at which they can choose to have their package sent.

  1. We are already very proud of our turnaround time for shipping, so when you choose the Standard shipment speed of 3-8 working days, then you will still be getting your order faster than many of our competitors.
  2. If you need your order even faster, you can choose our Expedited Shipping, which means you will get your package in just 2 to 3 business days.
  3. Express Shipments are only for those people who have to have the order in the fastest way possible. All orders are given a certain amount of priority, but EXPRESS orders are of the highest order of importance. These orders will be delivered in only ONE to TWO days.
VERY IMPORTANT If you are having your orders delivers to the states of Alaska or Hawaii, then your order will always be shipped via Priority U.S.P.S. Mail and will be delivered in FIVE to TEN business days. These approximated shipping times do not include certain considerations for out-of-stock items and processing times. If you supply a working email address, then you will receive tracking information at the time of shipment. This excludes PO BOXES, HAWAII, ALASKA, and INTERCONTINENTAL ORDERS.

We are pleased to ship Internationally to the countries of Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Germany, The Netherlands, Northern Ireland, New Zealand, Norway, Great Britain, and Sweden. When shipping Internationally, patience is necessary as it may take upwards of eight full weeks for your order to be delivered. When ordering during the Holidays, this is especially true. If you contact us after just one week of ordering, we can only tell you to wait the entire eight weeks before contacting us again. Much to our regret, we cannot offer tracking information for International mail at this time.

We are required by law to declare the complete value and contents of your International Order, even if your package is declared a "gift." We cannot take responsibility for any additional fees your order may incur, so you will have to pay for those fees yourself. Contact your local Customs Office with all of your questions concerning this topic.

We have a deeply-rooted love and respect for the people who choose to serve their country in the military. As such, we are doubly excited when someone in the military places and order with us. Please be assured that we gladly ship anywhere to any APO/FPO address. Thank you for your service, and for your order. Expedited and Express options are not available to APO/FPO addresses and will be shipped via Standard Shipping options. We cannot give you an approximation of delivery time to APO/FPO addresses, so please disregard the listed times above. Please be patient for overseas orders.

If you need your package delivered to a PO BOX, then your order will always be sent with Standard Shipping. This typically arrives in THREE to FIVE business days.

The Quality Of Our Product Is Extremely Important To Us.

When you shop with us, you're shopping with a company that takes quality seriously. Making shirts that do not disintegrate after you wear them just a handful of times is very important to us. We want you to love these shirts and to come to us for all of your t-shirt needs. You can order from us without any worry of being displeased with what you buy, because if you don't like it we will do whatever it takes to make you a happy customer. That's a dedication to satisfaction you can trust in. If you want a thin, cool shirt then we have those available with out slim-fit options, but our normal shirts are all 100% cotton and made with a 6.1 ounce weave, which is far superior than the 5.5 weave you'll see from other companies.

What size should I get?

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